Mystic Brewery


Client Business:
Craft Brewery

12,500 Square Feet
Manufacturing and Production


After graduating from MIT with a Ph.D in agriculture, then working in biotech, Bryan Greenhagen decided it was time to pursue his true love, brewing Belgium style beer. The challenge with any new startup is controlling cost, securing space that requires the least amount of improvement dollars, but provides the ability to expand as the business grows.


Mystic needed a location close to the City of Boston with accessible highway access, adequately sized water and sewer lines, and heavy floor loads to support large stainless steel tanks. The space also needed to conform to state and federal licensing guidelines, and be owned by a landlord who was willing to take a chance on a start-up. Needless to say, this was no small task. After much research and viewing multiple sites, we found the perfect solution just outside of the city in Chelsea (ironically right next to the Mystic River). We aggressively negotiated a competitive lease rate with a generous free rent period, and structured a phase-in of additional space over a 3-year period to keep costs down as their business ramped up; which it has.

“Knowing The Stevens Group had experience working with other large brewing companies, such as Boston Beer, gave us confidence in their ability to understand our budget and means of starting a brewery. They found us space that we could begin crafting old world formulas with modern equipment and space.

Bryan Greenhagen, Ph.D, Founder, Mystic Brewery