Silverman Trykowski Associates

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Client Business:
Architecture & Design

Space Needs:
4,000 Square Feet
Office Space

Profile: We first started working with Silverman & Trykowski Associates (STA) over a dozen years ago via a mutual client, who wanted to use his own architect – STA! That was the beginning of a long relationship between our firms as we each referred clients to one another over the years. Both of our firms share the same philosophy – we take pride in the solutions we provide to our clients. Ten years ago we represented STA in the leasing of space on the Boston waterfront, with stunning views and dirt-cheap rent! The space was in an industrial building, and STA did what they do best, they created an amazing work environment with lots of pizzazz!  In 2015, with only one year remaining on their lease, STA was facing an option to stay in the building at a staggering 300% increase in rent. This was not an economically viable solution.  As a result, The Stevens Group was given the assignment of finding STA very cool space, with lots of light, near public transportation, and a rent which would keep their bottom line intact.

Solution: Tom, Felice & David along with the STA crew have done work in many of the office buildings in downtown Boston, so they knew the market better than most tenants. They were also familiar with the rents and tenant improvement allowances being offered. We needed to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Well, we found multiple options, but there was always something wrong, such as no long-term options, or rents would ramp up to quickly etc. Eventually after loosing out several options, we discovered 125 Broad Street. The perfect size, skylights, water views, brick & beam (original ~ not fake) but the space needed over $200,000 in work. Eventually we worked out the logistics, including a generous free rent package to offset some of the tenant improvements. But the real credit goes to STA for designing another magnificent space to work in, and their employees love it!

“ All of us at STA want to thank The Stevens Group for once again finding us our wonderful new office.”

Felice Silverman, FIIDA, President & Principal, Silverman & Trykowski Associate