Stevens Group Tallies 277,867 SF In New Leases At Year End

With 40 new commercial real estate leases secured for corporate clients in 2017, The Stevens Group counted up 277,867 in square footage for tenants across the Boston area and internationally. Representing the sole interests of their expanding corporate clients, The...

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Don’t Become A Captive Tenant When Renewing A Lease

Many tenants assume their lease will be renewed on reasonable terms and accordingly leave only a limited amount of time for the renewal to be handled.  Things seem to start out fine, but then the landlord takes their time in setting a meeting and preparing a proposal...

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How To Avoid Costly Mistakes When Leasing Office Space

Hey, we all make mistakes – but when it comes to leasing office space for your business, mistakes equal dollars – sometimes big dollars.  Here are the eight most common mistakes tenants make when renting office space, as well as an insider’s take on how to avoid...

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