Green Buildings and Build-outs


Improving energy efficiency, sustainability and creating healthier buildings are more than just agreeable apple pie goals.  They are moral imperatives that are achievable. And it should be no surprise: going green actually contributes to bottom-line profits and worker productivity.

More than a quarter of the US trade deficit is from petroleum imports. Real estate is the largest single energy user in the nation. Together, these facts create a challenge for innovation and an opportunity for businesses to cut carbon consumption without compromising profits.

But also consider the perks of creating a healthier building environment while we also trim our carbon footprint:

  • Reducing or eliminating VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which cause Building Sickness Syndrome, means a healthier workforce and less sick days.

  • Workers in healthier, more “sustainable” new buildings like those certified by the LEED program have benefited from features such as natural, ambient light that brightens the mood while reducing energy consumption.

  • Building green buildings helps to keep jobs and money in the US by lowering overhead and cutting energy costs.

The only thing missing from this bottom line green revolution is the resolve to get it done.  When it comes time to build out your tenant improvements, you can introduce positive change by insisting on LEED-certified construction.

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