Lease Negotiations

  • Proposals
  • Leases
  • Sale/Leasebacks
  • Work Letters
  • Operating Expense & Taxes
  • Development Agreements

Protecting you during lease negotiating: We know all the ins and outs of real estate transactions and can help you avoid possible pitfalls. For example, we would ensure you retain such options as subletting in case you eventually downsize your organization or outgrow the space. Options for an exit strategy are also examined.

Serve as a buffer between you and the landlord: If needed, we can act as the “bad guy” during negotiations, while at the same time you are securing major economic concessions.  By relying on us to act as the “bad guy”, you can keep your relationship with the landlord cordial. You may need the good will later on.

Identify lease provisions that could cost or save you money:  These provisions often are hidden in the document and are easily overlooked. We are highly skilled in sniffing these out and negotiating favorable terms.  In addition, we will handle the paperwork and other details of the lease negotiations including all proposal requests and letters of intent.  Having these documents prepared by an experienced tenant representative can help to resolve issues before the final lease is prepared.

Settle disputes that arise even after the lease is signed: The tenant representative can serve as an experienced set of ears and eyes to verify the details of a transaction. The rep’s transaction files can provide the documentation necessary to clarify what was said and done during the negotiation.